Our Team

Founder & CEO

Chris J. Vargo

Chris J. Vargo, Ph.D. is an associate professor of advertising at the University of Colorado Boulder. He teaches at Leeds School of Business in its business analytics graduate program. His courses are centered in machine learning and news media analytics. Chris’ academic publications use these methods on big data from social media to detect and explain online behavior. Chris worked in marketing and information technology. He also teaches digital advertising.

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Founder & CTO

Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley, M.S. is a senior engineer of software, circuits, and systems in the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. Scott designs and supports the Knight Lab’s DevOps support systems. Prior to the Knight Lab, Scott was a lead developer in the founding years of Narrative Science, a Northwestern-led startup now in Series D funding with 100 employees. Scott's previous roles included the development of social media focused software and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for Northwestern University's Infolab, as well as NLP development on the Metaphor Project with the Linguistic Cognition Laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Founder & Chief Scientist

Tobias Hopp

Tobias Hopp, Ph.D is an associate professor of strategic communication at the University of Colorado Boulder. He teaches courses on research methods and social media strategy. In his academic research, Toby analyzes social media data through predictive modeling, machine learning, and network analysis. Toby is a subject matter expert in discussion science and related fields including civility and social capital, which shapes the core vision of socialcontext.

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SOCIALCONTEXT Academic Advisory Board

Our Experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Jolene Fisher

Dr. Jolene Fisher’s research explores intersections of new media, gender and strategic communication for development and social change. Her current work investigates the impacts of organizational transparency on stakeholder trust; and the use of strategic communication pedagogy to build communities of action on university campuses.

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Roxane Coche

Dr. Roxane Coche is a sports journalist turned university professor. Born and raised in France, she worked as a freelance sports reporter and producer in Paris. Passionate about sports and gender equality, her research interests revolve around gender issues in sports media content, especially in online media, including social media.

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Lei Guo

Dr. Lei Guo's research focuses on the development of media effects theories, computational social science methodologies, and emerging media and democracy in the United States and China. Recently, Dr. Guo has been leading a research project that examines international news coverage of COVID-19 and the impact it has on society.

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Our Industry Experts and Advisors


Todd Krugman

Todd is currently the CMO at Globant. His prior experience includes being a Senior Vice President at the Trade Desk, President at Ogilvy and Partner at Young and Rubicam. Todd joined socialcontext to further his commitment to diversity and inclusion. He advises the team on branding, go-to-market strategy and growth marketing.

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Malcolm Holmes

Malcolm is currently a Director of Business Development at The Trade Desk. His past experience includes agency and brand side work at IAS, Viacom and Mindshare. Malcolm is passionate about socialcontext's vision to make advertising spend a social advocacy tool. He advises the team on product strategy and best practices.

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