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How our contextual targeting beats big ad tech

The key is in the concept

Each socialcontext news segment first starts with a definition — a concrete codebook. These definitions are based on academic literature and approved by professors who study fields including racial, gender and LGBTQIA+ equality.

After we all agree on what types of news content should match each news segment we build, we find dozens of examples that fit our definition. We then share the examples with our analysts and teach them how to identify news that match these definitions.

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We read news and annotate it

Each socialcontext segment is the product of tens of thousands of human annotations. We read news content from over 4,000 U.S. publisher domains.

Credible news, hyperpartisan news, and fake news: it’s all labeled by our experts. To date we’ve labeled over 100,000 articles by hand, and we’re not stopping there. Each socialcontext segment is audited regularly to ensure our algorithms understand current news.

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Generative AI with humans in the loop

Each socialcontext segment  only released when its classification performance metrics reach academic peer-review standards, typically a blended F1 of .90 or higher. While some contextual providers like to focus on accuracy, the truth is most contextual advertising segments have high accuracy, because most of the time you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. What matters is the precision and recall of positively identified articles. At socialcontext, we report all relevant metrics and give honest feedback about our models. The result is article-level news intelligence with accuracy, precision and recall unmatched by current sentiment and entity recognition approaches.

Our generative artificial intelligence approach is validated by experts and identifies articles with unrivaled precision and safety. Our AI is ethically reviewed by outside academics. We take transparency seriously and allow advertisers to see “under the hood” to understand exactly what is inside each segment we build.


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Why socialcontext?

  • True safety: brand safety fails on the open web because it is reactive, our positive targeting approach keeps you off the fringes of the web and only on content that matches your definition of good news
  • Precision: unrivaled impression-level news content prediction
  • Social equity: segments that brands care about, and that protect marginalized groups
  • Transparency: external validation that you can trust built by established professors recognized as computational social scientists

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