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How our contextual targeting beats big ad tech

Large Language Models that Rule All

While other ad tech companies spend their resources building custom classifiers based on keywords or training data that may or may not represent items in a taxonomy, socialcontext leverages the most current large language models and fine tunes them to precisely label open web content like an advertiser would. We let you define the context that best suits your marketing needs.

Why aren’t more ad tech companies doing this kind of artificial intelligence for advertising inference? Ad tech providers aren’t incentivized to upgrade their technology stacks, and GPU computing is expensive. At socialcontext we are team of academics who understand how to optimize and use large language models, and we host our own compute and cut out as many third parties as we can.

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See inside your segments and get real rationale

We always share how we are classifying content down to the URL level, meaning you know exactly what content you are advertising on. We don’t have technology on publisher sites, and we have no conflicts of interest. Our methodology is simple: we listen to as much of the open web as we can legally and classify content as best we are able according to your specifications.

Our large language models are designed to explain why they chose the content they did, and they listen to constructive feedback on how to better target the content you want.

Basic targeting tools like domain credibility filtering and inclusion/exclusion lists are supported by socialcontext’s platforms by default. You don’t have to pay extra for them.

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Dream what you should be advertising on, and then target it

Socialcontext’s LLM’s can understand any kind of marketing context. Just describe it or provide some examples of content you want. If you can dream it, you can advertise on it using socialcontext. 

Forget pre-defined categories like the IAB’s Content Taxonomy. You don’t need to play inside of boxes. With Open from socialcontext you can only advertise on the content that perfectly aligns to your marketing goals.

Don’t pay brand safety surcharges, socialcontext targets URLs directly, positively target the content you want with full assurance you’re not accidentally funding hate, or misinformation.

While socialcontext can target anything with unrivaled precision, we still adhere to strong ethical guardrails to prevent misuse of our contextual tools. 


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Why socialcontext?

  • True safety: brand safety fails on the open web because it is reactive, our positive targeting approach keeps you off the fringes of the web and only on content that matches your definition of good news
  • Precision: unrivaled impression-level news content prediction
  • Social equity: segments that brands care about, and that protect marginalized groups
  • Transparency: we share our classifications and rationale. We don't play favorites, and we classify all content based on its merits.

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