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Socialcontext detects diversity, equity and inclusion ad opportunities in news. Our patent-pending deep learning approach is validated by experts and identifies articles with unrivaled precision and safety.

Pre-Bid Contextual Advertising

Source: Pew Research Center

Sponsor journalism with your brand values

There’s a growing crisis in the ad tech world, with a seemingly unlimited number of places for advertisers to put their ad dollars, digital journalism from quality, credible sources are increasingly left with the short end of the stick.

We get it. Advertisers have to be risk adverse. You can’t be associated with negative and “inflammatory” content. That’s why socialcontext only detects good news. News that aligns your brand values, your corporate social responsibility goals, and your diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Unrivaled page-level intelligence

There are at least a dozen established contextual advertising providers. Some of them are quite good at detecting broad categories of news content like “news” and “sports.” None can match the specificity and precision of socialcontext. We positively target news articles with unrivaled precision and safety.

Do more with your programmatic spend

Socialcontext allows advertisers to meet their DEI goals by enabling them to invest in ads on news content that matches their core values. Each algorithm socialcontext builds is designed to identify only quality, credible journalism that brings awareness to positive social change.

Simple integration

Pick your favorite DSP

Socialcontext partners with GumGum's Verity™ and Peer39's data marketplace. That means you can access our contextual segments on virtually all major DSPs via the contextual provider you trust most.

Select segments

Pick the socially equitable news segments you'd like your ads to run on. Socialcontext expands the programmatic reach of advertisers and recovers ~20% of impressions blocked due to overbroad brand safety.

Instant DEI results

Your advertising spend is now being invested in journalism that advocates for the core values you care about. Consumers will not only appreciate your investment, they'll begin to associate your brand with these causes.

Pre-bid rails, where you use them


We’re available on most major DSPs inside of Peer39’s contextual marketplace. Odds are, if you’re running a campaign, socialcontext can be used to help you positively target good news inventory.

PMP deals everywhere else

If you’re using the big desks, we still have you covered. We’re available via always-on, no-minimum PMP deals.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Targeting

Our contextual advertising news segments

We add new news filters every other week or so, but right now, here are the segments we have live:

Racial diversity news

News that talks positively about racial diversity and racial equality. For instance, an article may talk about the positive results of racial equality, or advocate for changes to improve diversity. Does not include foreign affairs, or news that focuses on crime or violence. Includes positive AAPI content.

Gender equality news

News that positively and substantively speaks to issues of gender equality and accomplishments by women. Examples include articles that cover women breaking historically gendered barriers in corporations and sports, positive discussion about the gender pay gap and profiles of women who advocate for social justice.


News that celebrates persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex or asexual. Also includes news that discusses protections and rights for LGBTQIA+ persons. Commonly includes positive profiles and news related to inclusive corporations. Does not include negative political coverage or hate-related crime.

Latinx and Hispanic news

News that covers the accomplishments and social advancement of Hispanic and Latinx persons. Also includes articles that celebrate Latinx and Hispanic culture in America. Common examples include Latinx and Hispanics crossing barriers, Latinx pop culture happenings and profiles of successful Latinx individuals.

Female athletics news

News that advocates for advancement of female athletics, profiles of successful female athletes and articles that highlight female athletic events including recaps, box scores and highlights.

Mental health news

News that positively addresses mental health stigmas, high-quality journalism that summarizes advances in mental health research, mental health advice, awareness of mental health resources and mental health-related charity events. Does not include news content that mentions mental health and linkage to crime, violence or obituaries.

Renewable energy news

News about renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal and biomass technologies. Examples include articles that highlight renewable energy industry growth, tax incentives, consumer economic incentives, and new renewable energy technologies being invented or implemented.

Climate action news

Articles that make audiences aware of climate change. Common examples include: recognition of climate change effects on society and underprivileged populations, efforts to mitigate climate change, and proposed or enacted legislation designed to address the negative effects of climate change.


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